Music, Science and the Brain

Saturday 27 September 2008

Talks, music and demonstrations from 10:00 to 20:00

University of Plymouth
Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building

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How is music processed in the brain?
Is music uniquely human?
How is music able to evoke memorable responses?
Can we simulate human hearing with computers?
Can computers compose music?

The Music, Science and the Brain symposium will discuss the latest scientific contributions to our understanding of how the brain processes music and how this understanding contributes to the development of new technologies for the music industry.

Speakers include principal investigators of the European EmCAP Project and invited scientists.

Everybody welcome.
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Posters and Demonstrations

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Public Lectures

Note: Timing and ordering may change.

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  • 10:00
    Welcome by the organisers

  • 10:15
    The Perception of Size in Musical Instrument Sounds
    Roy Patterson (University of Cambridge, UK)

  • 10:45
    When All the Songs Sounds the Same: Insights into the Musical Brain
    Lauren Stewart (Goldsmsiths College University of London, UK)

  • 11:15
    Simulating Human Hearing with Computers
    Enrique Lopez Poveda (Institute for Neuroscience of Castilla y Leon, Spain)

  • 11:45
    Modelling Active Perception
    Martin Coath (University of Plymouth, UK)

  • 12:15
    Posters and demonstrations

  • 12:45

  • 13:15
    CONCERT 1: Lola Perrin (Piano) at Sherwell Centre

  • 14:30 - - VIDEOLINK - -
    How Music Produces Goose-bumps and Why Listeners Enjoy It
    David Huron (Ohio State University, USA)

  • 15:00
    Born into a musical world
    Istvan Winkler (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)

  • 15:30
    Musical Competence and the Role of Exposure
    Henkjan Honing (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • 16:00
    Neuroscience of Emotion and Music
    Stefan Koelsch (University of Sussex, UK)

  • 16:30
    Research in Music Technology: Artistic and Scientific Challenges
    Xavier Serra (University Pompeu Fabra, Spain)

  • 17:15
    Closing remarks
    Simon ible (Peninsula Arts, University of Plymouth, UK)

  • 17:30
    Posters and demonstrations

  • 19:00
    CONCERT 2: Diesel Orchestra at Roland Levinsky crosspoint.

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