Prof Eduardo Miranda

"This is a bright, important and brilliantly entertaining work"

Andrew Smith, author of Is this the Code of Joy? - The Sunday Times

"It explores an artist's creative process in a degree of detail that is seldom documented."

Philip Ball, author of The Music Instinct

Thinking Music

Eduardo Reck Miranda

Publisher's brief

This exciting book tells the inside story to the choral and orchestral work Sound to Sea.

The book describes in rich detail the concepts and processes with which Eduardo Reck Miranda engaged in the composition of the symphony.

Sound to Sea alludes to voyages: voyages of discovery and exploration, and also voyages of the mind. The author contemplates the nature and practice of musical composition, and provides a personal account of his creative journey. He offers original insights into the art of composing in the 21st century, where scientific developments, and technologies of information and reproduction are transforming the way we think about creativity.

Professor Miranda used his scientific knowledge and insight to develop methods for composing with the logic of processes in natural growth and evolution, computer simulations of neurones, and models of the human vocal tract. Excerpts from Charles Darwin's diary and Shakespeare's poetry mingle with allusions to Elgar, Mozart, and Stravinsky to form a fertile mosaic of scientific and cultural sources of inspiration for Sound to Sea.

  • Richly illustrated with explanatory diagrams and photography of the symphony premiere.
  • Includes the full live recording of the Ten Tors Orchestra with fantastic mezzosoprano Juliette Pochin.

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Hardback with cloth cover, 324 x 247 mm, 208 pages, b&w.

ISBN 978-184102-360-1